Premature Ejaculation Remedy in a Tube

By | April 24, 2017

One form of premature ejaculation remedy comes in a tube. It is essentially a “numbing agent” or “desensitizing cream” marketed towards individuals suffering from premature ejaculation. There are also condoms which have the cream already layered inside the condom. The pro’s and con’s of using such desensitizing creams and condoms are:

Pro’s: If you are desperately seeking a premature ejaculation remedy and are looking for a “quick fix”, this could be your temporary solution. It can work in two ways: Mentally you’ll be more confident knowing you have a remedy that will work for you and hence you’ll be more confident going into any sexual intimacy situation. Physically you won’t be feeling the usual strong stimulation that makes one over excited. Since the feeling will be greatly diminished, you will be able to last much, much longer during sex.

Con’s: The most obvious con in using creams as a premature ejaculation remedy is your own enjoyment level will be diminished. For much of the sexual intimacy you won’t be feeling much. And once there becomes a leveling off of the cream you’ll be faced dealing with quick ejaculation all over again. There is also the risk on not being able to ejaculate altogether if the cream is too strong and no sensation whatsoever can be felt.

So whats the answer? Well, using a cream can be a decent way to “get by” in your sexual activity while you are actively seeking out and practicing better, more effective long term solutions where you won’t have to rely on creams or other aids. Mastering control on your own and having sex for as long as you want can indeed be accomplished with the right instruction and practice. In the meantime a tube of cream may be kept nearby, if the moment presents itself and you haven’t yet finished your lasting longer research and practice in a more permanent premature ejaculation remedy.